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Light FAQ's

Why does my light blink 3 times?

Your light can blink for a couple reasons

1. Your light needs to be charged. Our heads blink when the battery starts getting low (3 volts).

2. If your light is charged, See troubleshooting Tailcaps and Heads, or reach out to us here.

Can I use CR123 batteries?

You can! As long as you follow these requirements.


  1. Your light head is labeled as a "dual fuel" head. This will be clearly marked under your model number.
  2. You must use CR123 batteries in ONLY 18650 size bodies. In short, due to their limited output, CR123 batteries simply cannot deliver the necessary output on a single cell alone.

Note: when running on CR123 batteries there is a slight output drop when compared to rechargables. For top performance, we recommend running rechargables when possible and using CR123 cells as a backup if needed.


Where are your lights made?

We are a U.S. company

Our lights are designed, milled, machined, anodized, and hand assembled, then quality control checked right here in the USA.

Our entire team of customer support specialists are also based in the USA.

How long is my warranty?

Lifetime Warranty

Your Modlite is covered under a lifetime warranty. For more information, check our our warranty page here.

Are Modlites fully potted?

YES, fully potted

Yes, our heads are fully potted for impact, vibration, and shock protection. Learn more about what electrical potting is here at this video.

Setup Questions

How do I program my Multi Mode handheld?

Watch this video

1. Activate light 12 times.

2. On 12th activation, hold tailcap down. Your light will blink and switch modes.

There are 2 modes to choose from: HIGH ONLY or HIGH/ADMIN

What hardware do I need to mount my light?

Hardware comes with your mount

Hardware, such as screws and bolts for mounting are included with whichever mount you purchase.

The Arisaka mounts we carry, for example, include the screws for attaching your light body to the mount.  

Can I mount my Modlite next to a muzzle device?


Yes! Modlite heads can withstand intense heat and recoil.

Pro Tip: We encourage mounting your light as far forward as you can to decrease "muzzle shadow"

Should I charge my battery when opening my light?

Ideally, yes

It is best practice to fully charge your battery before using your light for the first time.

Note, your first charge will take a little longer than all your subsequent charging sessions.


Where are you Based?

Modlite is based in TX

Our lights are shipped to your door from our team just outside of San Antonio, Texas

Can I apply for a career at Modlite?

Please stay tuned to our social media, as well as Indeed for potential career opportunities with Team Modlite.  

How can I contact Team Modlite?

Head to the contact us page here:

Does Modlite send lights for review?

In general, no.

Given the demand for our inventory, we typically are not able to give lights away for reviews.

However, industy discount inquiries can be made by emailing

How can I T&E Modlites for my agency/dept?

Shoot our LE Specialist an email.

Please email

We will return your email as soon as possible.