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VariArc-VS™ Helmet Mount

  • $42.99

A universal helmet mount and multi-directional indexing: The VariArc-VS shines light right where you need it.

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The VariArc-VS™ helmet mount provides a full-featured, universal mounting solution for headborne illumination. The locking teeth are biased to the forward position, keeping your light aligned for the most critical uses, but with a firm twist, the VariArc-VS mount unlocks and rotates through 8 additional lower-force index points for administrative tasks and diffused lighting options. Its small footprint and low profile keep things tidy. The VariArc-VS includes both a Picatinny rail and a Scout light mount, allowing for maximum compatibility with visible and IR lights. The VariArc-VS is built to remain fully functional through extreme temperatures, dirt, dust, sand, water, drops on concrete, and rough handling.

Picatinny Installation:

  1. Do NOT loosen adjustment center screw before mounting!
  2. Attach light to Picatinny section of VariArc-VS.
  3. Mount the Velcro base to your helmet (see removal instructions below for repositioning)
  4. Verify rotation after install. Torque the center screw to adjust unlocking force.

Scout Mount Installation:

  1. Remove the Picatinny mount: unscrew the center screw with the included 5/64th allen key. Retain the nylok nut on the bottom of the base.
  2. Retain the cap, wave washer from the assembly and reassemble back into the Scout mount in the same configuration as the Picatinny mount.
  3. Screw the center screw through the assembly and into the nylok nut. Tighten to 4-5 in-lbs or until the assembly no longer rattles.
  4. Attach your light to the Scout mount using the included socket head cap screws using the included 9/64th allen key.
  5. NOTE: Verify the included socket cap screws are the correct length for your light, use your own screws as necessary.
  6. Tighten screw per the light manufacturer’s specifications
  7. Mount the Velcro base to your helmet and verify rotation angles, adjust as necessary. See below for removal/repositioning.


  1. Velcro is extremely strong! Use a flat, blunt blade (large flat head screwdriver, putty knife, etc) to slide between the two Velcro layers to separate the VariArc-VS from the helmet.
  2. WARNING: Removing the mount by forcefully pulling it away from the helmet may damage the helmet’s loop Velcro or separate the adhesive holding the Velcro to the helmet or the VariArc-VS.

Diagram showing dimensions of the VariArc-VS components