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Thyrm Cellvault 21

  • $24.29

CellVault-21 Rechargeable Battery Storage

Protect your spare 21700 battery while keeping it immediately accessible with the CellVault-21.

Premium batteries require protection from physical and environmental damage but need to remain accessible to keep advanced tactical lights running at full power. The CellVault-21 provides the same feature set as our popular CellVault-18 including dual-wall construction & side viewing windows but adds a larger capacity and an upgraded latch that allows for easy installation, especially on tight MOLLE/PALS webbing.


  • Holds 1 21700 Rechargeable Battery
  • Waterproof O-ring seal rated to IPX7 at 2 meters for 30+ minutes
  • Secure metal latch seals and attaches the CellVault-21 to gear
  • Silicone foam shock absorber/noise silencer
  • Clear side windows allow for gear status checks
  • Slim profile: less than 1 MOLLE/PALS column wide for easy integration into existing gear configurations
  • Detachable latch installs easily on all MOLLE and can be backed up with the included security pin
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

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Unlock the bottom latch and open the CellVault-21.
Press the release tab with a screwdriver or similar tool to release the latch from the back strap.

  1. Insert the back strap through the MOLLE/PALS webbing
  2. .Align the side tabs and snap the latch back into the back strap.
  3. Install additional security pin through both the latch and back strap if necessary.
  4. Verify foam shock absorber is at the bottom of the CellVault-21 tube.
  5. Insert battery with the positive (+) terminal towards the foam at the bottom.
  6. Close the latch, making sure no material is caught in the tube/cap interface.