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Thyrm Battery Patches

  • $14.50

Thyrm DarkVaults and CellVaults were designed to keep your gear safely stored.  Attach one or more of these Battery Patches to the outside of your gear, to know the type of cells stored in your case.

Battery Patches come in sets four.  Each has Velcro® backing.  They are offered in two color backgrounds: tan and black.  The tan set has a lower visual footprint with subdued hues.  The black set has vivid colors with each battery name.  Packs of four patches include a CR123 patch, 18650 patch, 18350 patch, and AAA patch.

These patches were designed to label the CellVault-5M Modular Battery Storage Cases, but can work on other gear affixed with Velcro.  Each patch comes with both male and female sides of Velcro, so you can easily affix a complementary piece of Velcro to gear that lacks it.

Batteries are not included with the patches.

Made in the USA.