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Modlite PDW350 Body

  • $149.00

Streamline your PDW with the PDW350. A Picatinny mounted light that is modular to allow the use of a thumb click tailcap (included), or a remote switch capable tailcap (Sold separately).

This contains the PDW350 body, and a click tailcap, A defining characteristic of the PDW350 is its “Out the front” battery changeability, which allows the user to replace discharged batteries with fresh ones, without tools quickly. And its built in picatinny rail adapter that allows for mounting with no extra parts.


Modular design is compatible with all slim Modlite heads, which lets the user customize the light output to their specific needs.

The PDW350 is compatible with current and future Modlite heads, ensuring long life and future upgrade options.

 Lithium CR123 cells are not supported and if used will cause the cells to heat up and possibly explode or catch fire. We recommend our Modlite Protected Cells.