LightShield FoF Light Cover


Before purchasing please note that LightShields are available for Gen1 and Gen2 Modlite heads. Please select the model to fit the light head you wish to use the Lightshield on.

Light Shields were developed by frequent OPFOR role players who found a need to protect their personal equipment from damage during intensive force on force training scenarios under taken at Direct Action Resource Center. Training events at DARC consume a combination of UTM, FX, and FoF totaling over 750,000 rounds a year. Many DARC role players participate in multiple training classes each month, run after run, subjecting their equipment to a higher than average round count being fired at them.  Various protection methods have been used over the years from clear packing tape to non-stick wrap and other covers, all of them sub-optimal.

Utilizing 3D printing and laser cutting techniques Light Shields provide a low cost option to help protect the glass on your expensive weapon mounted light from direct impact damage. The 3D printed cap is designed to friction fit on your light prior to training exercises and to keep the protective lens in place with minimal light loss. When required Light Shield is simple to remove for when every lumen counts. Each Light Shield includes a spare protective lens that is easily replaced in the field. 

The Surefire X300 Light Shield was designed around use with a Safariland light compatible holster.

Made in the USA by Semi-Pro role players in the heart of Arkansas. 

Currently available to fit the following lights:

Modlite (Gen 1 Light Head Only)
Modlite (Gen 2 Light Head Only)
Surefire M600DF Dual Fuel 
Surefire X300
Streamlight HLX
Streamlight TLR-HP
Streamlight ProTac RM 1/2