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PL350 G2 Update Program

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The PL350 G2 Upgrade Program Explained

If you already own a PL350, our G2 update program is tailored specifically for you. With the G2 upgrade we've made significant improvements to the switch bar and other switch components in response to feedback and observations during the PL350's time on the market. The major improvement you will notice externally is that the switch bar is now a solid injection-molded piece updated from the previous two piece design. 

This one-piece design offers a significant upgrade to the durability of your light switch. Other internal changes to the switch components make for an improved tactile feel. 

The upgrade Process:

1. Once you complete the checkout process we will email you instructions with an attached order/return sheet.

2. You print out your order form. Follow the instructions on this form and make sure to include it with your light. Ship it via USPS to us to complete the upgrade.

3. We upgrade your light and mail it back to you. (Our estimated lead time is 15-18 business days.)

4. This is a limited time program offered through 12/31/23.

NOTE: For logistical reasons, if you have more than one light to upgrade, you will need to checkout in separate orders for each upgrade.

Sending in multiple light bodies in the same package is fine. Just include each PDF upgrade form along with each unique light you ship. Upgraded lights will be returned individually via USPS after the upgrade process is completed. 

If you have questions please contact us at