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Driven Arms Co Cable Management Panel (CMP)

  • $28.00
Protect and organize wires, cables, even nylon/shock cord, while also adding the functional grip of a rail cover. The open cavity design allows for almost endless options for configuration, while also acting as an insulatory buffer for heat, saving electronics AND your skin. The directional textures lock your hand in when applying rearward pressure for recoil control, while also allowing your hand to slide back into position unimpeded following reloads, or to reach pressure switches or activate laser aiming devices, and for malfunction clearing, or other weapon manipulations.


Ridged, Sidewinder


Nylon Polymer

Weight w/ Hardware

0.39 oz (11G)/Panel, Covers 2 MLOK Slots


– 2 in/lbs – Do not over-torque


Covers Two MLOK Slots:
L – 3.13 in. (79.5mm)
W – .655 in. (16.64mm)
H – .258 in. (6.55mm) off of rail

Hardware Included

Per Panel:
2 x Magpul MLOK T-Nuts
2 x T25 Torx Flat Head Screws