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Common Questions


Will you be making XXXX product?

We don't announce products until they are ready to ship. Once we are ready for a release, then we will announce details.

When will XXXX be back in stock?

Modlite takes pride in products being consistently available as much as possible, but unfortunately that isn't always the case. Please check our dealers, as listed on the bottom of our home page, as they may still have some in stock. 

Why does my light flash 3 times?

That is a feature to let you know that the battery is down to 3 volts and needs to be changed. Pop a fresh battery in, and you're good to go.

How much do the lights weigh?

Since our lights are modular, the easiest way is to show the weights of the individual pieces. They are as follows:

  • Heads - 2.3 oz
  • 18350 WML Body - .67 oz
  • 18350 Battery (KeepPower) - .88 oz
  • 18650 WML Body - .95 oz
  • 18650 Battery (KeepPower) - 1.75 oz
  • Clicky Tail Cap - .46 oz
  • 18650 Handheld Body and Tail cap - 2.1 oz

 What regular maintenance is needed for the lights?

Very minimal. We recommend lubricating the threads with Super Lube occasionally to prevent the threads from Galling if you are taking the heads or tail caps on and off a lot. 

Can I use CR123a's in the lights?

No. Our lights draw 8-10 amps, which can cause the CR123s to overheat, expand and possibly explode or catch fire. DO NOT USE CR123a's.

Can I use "XXXX" Brand Rechargeable battery in the lights?

We cannot possibly test all of the different batteries available on the market. Do your research, and only use cells that have an 8-10 amp discharge rate. If you can't find the specs for your battery, odds are it is not OK to use.

How do I mount it to "XXXX" Rail?

Again, there are too many rails on the market for us to test fitment with each one. Our lights fit into any "Scout" footprint mount. Be aware, some mounts don't come with the hardware required to mount them to the body. You can always buy extra mounting hardware at

Why are your lights so expensive?

Our lights are hand built semi custom lights made right here in the USA using the latest in emitter and LED driver technology. Try one and you'll see.

Why don't the lights come with mounts?

As soon as someone makes a mount that works for every setup in existence, we will offer that mount. Until then it doesn't make sense to include a mount that people may or may not use in their setup. Modular is king, build a setup based on what works for you.

Which tail caps work with the lights?

Surefire UE and DS00 tail caps work with our bodies. Be aware M series tail caps have a different thread pitch that will not allow them to fully seat on DF and Modlite Bodies.

How do I install Modbutton Lite?

View installation instructions here: