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Unity Tactical Axon™ SL LINK™

  • $104.00

AXON™ SL is the smaller, single button switch in the AXON™ family. It hardmounts directly to an M1913 Rail. AXON™ SL features a 45-degree angled button face for an ergonomically correct activation angle, making it easy to index under stress, while wearing PPE or facing extreme environmental conditions.

Molded from high-impact polymer, AXON™ SL holds up to abuse in the field. The mechanical switch design allows weapon light models to fire in both momentary and constant-on modes in a familiar click tailcap design. Laser versions utilize a momentary only switch to facilitate use with the native double-click-for-constant-on feature found in most common lasers on the market. Dual-lead variants are SYNC, firing both light and laser simultaneously.

AXON™ SL is available in single-lead and dual-lead variants with standard 7″ or 4.5" exculsively at Modlite.

This AXON™ SL is only compatible with the UNITY TACTICAL™  GASCAP™ TAILCAP