• Lens Replacement Kit
  • Lens Replacement Kit

Lens Replacement Kit


Smashed or broken lens? Grab one of our lens replacement kits that includes a polymer tool to replace your lens in less than a minute! Be sure to pick the variant that matches your head. (Gen 1 original or Gen 2 Slim head)

Kit includes:

1-Replacement Borofloat Lens

1-Head Bezel Replacement Tool

Lens only option available as well.


Install instructions:

1.) Use polymer bezel tool to unscrew bezel ring.

2.) Make sure threads are free from glass, and that the underlying O ring is undamaged.

3.) Place new Borofloat lens on top of O ring

4.) Start bezel ring by hand to avoid cross threading

5.) Tighten hand tight to slightly compress the O-Ring. (No need to hulk out on it. Keep both pieces in your hands during the install. No need to place the head in a vice. You can slide a screwdriver through the polymer tool to gain some leverage, but don't clamp the head, as this can lead to stripping the head/bezel ring, or crushing the lens.)