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Modlite Legacy Enhanced LED-F Light Head

  • $209.00
  • $209.00

Legacy Enhanced is a family of light heads designed to support older generations of bodies with 16mm threads that support two CR123s, with upgraded performance that people have come to know from Modlite Systems. This is a single output head.

The Legacy Enhanced Driver (F)- Flood Light Head is designed for those who prefer a wider, and brighter flood of light with a wider hotspot.

Duel Fuel - This light can function with a single 16650 battery cell or TWO cr123s. The runtime will vary based on the cell used.

It will NOT function on M300 or 300 style bodies (single cr123). Two CR123 cells in series are required. Damage to persons and property may occur if a single cell is used.

  • Made and assembled in the USA
  • Drivers are fully potted and tested to withstand select-fire SCAR 17 recoil
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • 6061 Series Alum bezel with Mil-Spec Hard Anodizing
  • Ultra-clear BOROFLOAT® lens allows 98-99% light transmittance
  • Cool White 5700K emitter tint
  • Approximately 850 lumens and 44,000 Candela when used with two CR123 cells. This light is an excellent choice for anyone needing a mix of throw and flood
  • Rated for 80 minutes of run-time when used with high-quality Lithium CR123s. We generally do not recommend Alkaline cells whenever possible.


Weight: Width/Diameter: Length:
2.1 oz 1 1/4" 1 3/4 "