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Modlite PLHV2 Light Head

  • $209.00

This PLHv2 light head is a direct replacement for the Surefire M600DF head. It can be used with the Modlite 18650 body or the smaller Modlite 18350 body or our handheld light bodies.

While lumen output with this light is similar to the Surefire® M600DF head, the throw is much better suited to a rifle-mounted application at more than three times the amount throw than the M600DF. It is the best balance of flood and throw available.


  • Made and assembled in the USA
  • Dual Fuel 18350/18650 or x2 CR123s
  • Drivers are fully potted and tested to withstand select-fire SCAR 17 recoil.
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • 6061 Series Alum bezel with Mil-Spec Hard Anodizing.
  • Ultra-clear BOROFLOAT® lens allows 98-99% light transmittance.
  • Cool White 5700K emitter tint
  • Approximately 1350 out the front lumens and candela is approximately 54,000. It is an excellent overall light head good for indoor or outdoor use.

 Dual Fuel Marked Heads: Can be powered by a 18350, 18650 or x2 CR123. A single CR123 will not power any Modlite head.

Weight: Width/Diameter: Length:
2.1 oz 1 1/4" 1 3/4 "