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One Hundred Concepts Ruggedized LightCap™

  • $47.00
These are Medium size ONLY, and compatible with all Modlite heads except the HOG
  • Prevent negligent white light discharges
  • Prevent downrange reflection
  • keep carbon off your lens
  • Silent & durable updated design from the original LightCap


    Designed to be the next generation of our prolific LightCap™, The Ruggedized LightCap™ incorporates all of the benefits of the original, as well as bringing some changes that our users have been asking for (imagine that!) with the latest version.

    For starters, it's now made from an insanely durable TPU rubberized plastic, which allowed us to incorporate some new texture designs and be MUCH QUIETER when flipping the Cap on and off.  Our new patent pending design with a flat front face and recessed finger location is easier to use when pulling-to-doff while retaining that push-to-doff ability that many users love.

    Finally, we now include our ShockCollar™ with every single Ruggedized LightCap™. The original Lightcap™ got a massive upgrade in functionality when we launched our ShockCollar™. Since we believe in the combo so much, we include them together to make installing Ruggedized LightCap™ as easy as possible.

    The highly reflective head of a weapon light is a glaring hole (literally) in the camouflage system of your rifle. Aligned with our pursuit of signature reduction, the Ruggedized LightCap has a texturized body that better dissipates light.

    The Ruggedized LightCap™ is a durable, quiet, low profile, and user serviceable cap that eliminates that reflection and fits a majority of weapon lights on the market. The LightCap also acts as a safety against negligent light discharges that would reveal the user’s position. This is especially important if running night vision and IR laser/illuminators where an unplanned white light discharge could be catastrophic.

      What's Included 

      Our Ruggedized LightCap™ comes with the LightCap™ itself, and a ShockCollar™ kit of the corresponding size.


      How It's Made

      Our Ruggedized™ series is made in the USA from an incredibly insanely durable, UV-resistant, semi-flexible thermoplastic (TPU) designed to bend on impact. The Ruggedized LightCap™ is affixed with American made, rubber core shock cord and the included ranger band is made from EPDM Rubber with outstanding heat, UV, and saltwater resistance.